Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lake Wedowee Boy Scout Skills | I Love Lake Wedowee

 I Love Lake Wedowee
by; Chris Bridges

With only one thing left on my ‘To Do List’, I'm getting sidetracked by daydreaming about winding down those late summer nights then turning down the A/C to -12.  I've spent nights in some nice hotels and resorts.  While they have been the pinnacle of luxury, there is still something special about the smell of blankets that sit on the lake house closet's top shelf waiting for my arrival.  I have also been dreaming about day trips and cold air but life calls and both dreams get interrupted.  

Days click by faster and faster, Christmas slips up like someone stole eight months out of the year and birthdays come so quick that from time to time I honestly forget how old I am. Life goes buy at an alarming pace.

For me there are a couple of places that stop time; the flat where a forestry road fords Mill Creek in the North Georgia Mountains and Lake Wedowee.  This time of year the weather is a gamble and daylight is still short. Drive time makes the difference.  Lately I have been taking every opportunity and driving to see the lake.  On an off day from work last week, I spent 4 hours next to a fire, watching it rain on the water.  I felt like survivor man all tucked up under a tarp telling myself stories and laughing at my own jokes.  I had just enough fire wood to keep it rolling and stay warm while the rain came pouring down, and fires make me hungry.  No one brought me lunch… then again no one knew I was there, so a can of chili left in the lake house over the winter eased the pain.
I love the outdoors. I love to put my Boy Scout skills to good use, and if I am going to split, load and haul wood down here for a fire on a cold winter day...I love Lake Wedowee.


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