Monday, February 4, 2013

Hooked on Lake Wedowee A lesson is tournament blocking

Hooked on Lake Wedowee
by Bonny & Wendell

Wendell and I were fishing in a local fishing club where we had tournaments once a month. There was no big money to win but it was meant for fun and competition, which is right up my alley. At the end of the season your total pounds caught are totaled and if you’re lucky you can receive a trophy.

During one of these tournaments we were fishing along the bank. Wendell was in the front running the trolling motor fishing to his right, and I was in the back fishing to my left. The fish limit per tournament is 5 per fisherman. At daylight I started catching the heck out of fish and by 9 am I had my limit of 5. At that point I started culling, trying to get bigger fish than what I already had. Wendell had zero fish. Suddenly I see Wendell changing his lure to what I was fishing with. And I start to feel the boat turn until we had switched positions. “What in the heck are you doing?” I asked him. “I’m teaching you the meaning of tournament block!” he informed me. Needless to say at the weigh in he actually had more pounds of fish than I did.
The moral of this story is be sure you run your own trolling motor and if you can’t beat em just block em!


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