Saturday, January 12, 2013

Winter River Walking on Lake Wedowee

 every fall our lake level slowly drops down to winter pool. it is sad to see the beautiful lake wedowee water levels fall BUT's so cold out who wants to ride the boat (not me)!!

what we normally do is hunt for arrowheads (and we find a TON of them), clean up debris around our area, and go exploring!

on a typical sunny day (which we have not seen many here in the past week but we have had some warm weather) we will walk for several hours along the lake bed looking to see what we find.

i do not recommend walking barefoot as there a lot of inconsiderate lake goers out there that will toss a glass bottle into the water without thinking. we come across broken glass very often. (try telling my 8 year old to keep his waders on....yeah right...boys like to get muddy)

 this photo was taken up river on ketchepedrakee creek.


 i love to collect interesting pieces of driftwood (psst: keep your eye open for the april issue there just might be some driftwood crafts showing up in there by yours truly)

a day of river walking would not be complete without taking your lake dog.


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