Monday, October 1, 2012

Lake Wedowee Fishing Advice Oct/Nov

Lake Wedowee Fishing Advice

By Brian Morris, Fishing Guide

It’s finally fall!! This is my favorite time to fish for numbers of bass, but it can be bittersweet according to what the bass are doing in this reservoir. I am always excited and confused to be honest! Fish are everywhere from deep to shallow to suspending in depths up to 60 feet of water. What this means is that every fishing angler out there has the opportunity to catch fish with a variety of techniques and how they are comfortable of fishing. Here is a little secret of what I do during the fall. I always look for schooling fish in main channels or creek mouths and all the way up into the backs of creeks. Find bait find fish!! I rely on my electronics this time of year because you never know where the fish might be. Look for points off the main river, throw top water early or even a small diving crank bait. Try this technique on secondary points in creeks as well for bass. After the sun gets up, revert to a shaky head or Carolina rig and always( something in green) throw shad colors for your crank baits. On bright sunny days look for cover like lay downs or boat docks. Crappie are making their way up, also look for docks on main creek bends 10 to 20 ft of water throwing a crappie jig around docks and structures, something in shad color. Just remember fall is a feeding frenzy for crappie and bass. Find bait, find fish and catch,. Keep it simple throw something that resembles bait fish and you may end up with the best day of you life fishing on Lake Wedowee!!!! God Bless and Good fishing!!


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