Thursday, April 5, 2012

Searching for Lake Wedowee Property online

When searching for property online, the number one rule is to be specific! I am sure if you have made it here, you know not to type in simply real estate into Google and expect to find your dream home... It can be a daunting task to filter through all the websites but the trade off, is that you can do your searching in the comfort of your own home (or even on the go with the creation of smart phones).
If you want a general search you can go to, or, however realize that these websites are listing warehouses and no one is there to make sure the listing is correct or even still available.
Nothing is worse than finding your dream home online and calling a number that has been disconnected... (In this day and time that is very much a possibility).
Same can be said if you search Lake Wedowee Real Estate at because close to 150,000 results show up. Granted, I have scrolled through countless pages to see what is out there but the typical person will not do this.
There are more than a dozen real estate companies that service the Lake Wedowee Market and most have an online presence. (Some better than others of course). But to let you in on a little secret... Most of the companies advertise their listings on a single (Go to our property search at the top of this page and we have lake homes broken down by price range)...
Now take your time going through these listings and look at as much of the property, the listing agent shows you. (We are like snowflakes around here...No two agents market a property the same way)
Which also means you might see the same house on a dozen or more websites...


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